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Tower View Primary School

Tower View Primary School


This page outlines the most crucial and important policies that parents may wish to read and understand.  However if there is a policy that you cannot find then please contact the school through the contacts given on this website and request the policy be sent to you.  The following policies are currently being considerably reviewed:  Environmental Awareness and E-Safety; once they have been reviewed and agreed we will publish them accordingly; the current policies can be requested, with the understanding that they may not be fully implemented.

We also follow many of Staffordshire's policies including admission (see separate section), Staffing policies for grievance, capability and conduct, governance policies and procedures and teachers' pay (adapted).

  1. Attendance Policy 2021 (updated)docx
  2. Behaviour policy draft Sept. 2021pdf
  3. EAL Policy 2021docx
  4. behaviour policy 2021docx
  5. SEN Inclusion Policy September 2021docx
  6. Complaints Policy 2018-20pdf
  7. freedom of information policy 2021-22pdf
  8. Peer to Peer policy statement 2021-22docx
  9. RSE policy TVPS 2021pdf
  10. Charging policy 2021docx
  11. Volunteer policy 2021docx
  12. Security policy guidelines 2019-21docx
  13. parents code of conduct 2021docx
  14. Food Policy 2019-21docx
  15. Absconding Pupils procedures 2021docx
  16. Pupil Premium Policy 2021docx
  17. Equal Opportunities Policy (Racisim and Discrimination) 2021docx
  18. Drugs Edcuation and Safety Policy 2021docx
  19. Anti-bullying policy 2021docx
  20. Looked After children policy 2021docx
  21. CCTV Policy 2021docx
  22. curriculum policy 2021docx
  23. E-Safety 2021docx
  24. Tower View Primary Retention policy 2021docx
  25. Safeguarding Statment Leaflet 2021docx
  26. Tower View Primary School Hygiene Policy September 2021docx
  27. Whistleblowing Policy 2021docx
  28. Health & Safety roles and responsibilities overview 2021docx
  29. Tower View First Aid policy 2021docx
  30. Restrictive Behaviour Policy 2021docx
  31. Remote Learning Policy 2021docx
  32. Radicalisation and extremism policy 2021docx
  33. privacy notice 2021docx
  34. Mobile Phone Policy 2021doc
  35. Missing child procedure 2021docx
  36. Lone Worker Policy 2021docx
  37. Emergency Lockdown Policy Statement 2021docx
  38. ICT Code of Conduct policy 2021docx
  39. inclement weather procedures September 2021docx
  40. Educational Visits Policy 2021docx
  41. Data protection policy 2021docx
  42. Bomb Threat Information 2021docx
  43. Anti-bullying policy 2020-21pdf
  44. Tower View Primary School curriculum Recovery Programmedocx
  45. Phonics Policy 2020docx
  46. Bomb Threat Information 2020docx
  47. Covid 19 safeguarding policy Jan 2021_ additional policy statement.docxpdf
  48. Draft Safeguarding Policy 2021 (to be confirmed Nov. 18th 2021)doc
  49. School emergency closure procedures 2019pdf
  50. Leave of absence request form 2019pdf
  51. Good Readers Brandingpdf
  52. assessment policy 2020pdf