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Out of School Club


The Tower View OOSC offer excellent wraparound care both before and after school in the KS1 hall.

From September 2023, OOSC will move from the management of the current committee to being managed by the school.

The phone number for OOSC is: 07543588160

The e-mail for OOSC is:

The phone will be on and monitored from 7am-10am and 2pm-7pm daily.  Messages may be sent outside this time but will not be replied to.

The hours and prices:

Breakfast:7:30am until school £5 (includes a healthy breakfast)

After School: School until 6pm £10 (includes a healthy snack)

To book for September:

Contact via the new methods from September 4th.  The phone will be on and monitored on Monday 4th Sept and Tuesday 5th Sept from 10am until 4pm.


As OOSC will be part of the school, this will be open to all children in the school and there is no longer a need to complete registration documents so it can be booked for 1 off sessions – within the limits of spaces available.

Any questions contact either Mr Lobb or Sarah Walls.