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At Tower View, we aim for all students to explore and develop skills in the fundamental elements of music (rhythm, pitch, timbre, texture and form) through listening to music, singing and performing using the classroom instruments. Children perform regularly to peers and wider audiences developing solo and ensemble performance skills, building confidence and improving self-esteem. Our curriculum exposes all children to a variety of musical genres, which develops their understanding of the history of music. Children are introduced to key composers and their works throughout our curriculum. All children are encouraged to be creative and experiment in composition and improvisation, exploring a variety of compositional techniques and looking at the structure of compositions in order to develop these skills.


We ensure all elements of the National Curriculum are covered through splitting our curriculum into four main sections: 

  1. Rhythm and Pitch
  2. Timbre, Texture and Form
  3. Appreciation, Listening and Performance
  4. Improvisation and Composition.  

Our curriculum designs also allows for children to rehearse performances to peers or wider audiences and incorporates seasonal celebrations and cultural values by learning traditional song and dance. Where appropriate and relevant links are made between the music curriculum and other areas of the curriculum, e.g. learning about music from a period of history being studied. 

In Year 4, children learn the flute through the WCIT scheme for half the year each class.  Children in Year 5 learn to play the steel pans.


Children will be exposed to a variety of styles and genres of music as well as key composers and through this will be given opportunities to develop their own musical preferences.

Children will be given opportunities to express themselves and develop performance and presentation skills. Through performing, children will gain increased confidence. Children will build on their self esteem through singing and performing together and develop a sense of belonging/teamwork. Children will develop their listening and concentration skills as well as having the opportunity to explore music in a creative and engaging way. 

Wider Opportunities

At Tower View, children get a lot of opportunity to expand their engagement with music through instrument tuition; our very own wind band; regular showcase concerts and extra curricula provision such as Tower View Entertainers.  We are very lucky to have a very well resourced music curriculum including our own set of steel pans!