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Tower View Primary School

Tower View Primary School

Meet Staff

At Tower View Primary School we have a very professional and hard-working staff who always place the needs of the children first and ensure they are safe, enjoying school and making as much progress as they can both academically and socially.

Tower View Primary School Staff 2019-20

Mr Ridout                           Head Teacher (D.S.L.)

Mrs Foster                          Key Stage 2 Deputy Head Teacher, Year 4 teacher, Music lead

Mrs Mafham                      EYFS / K.S. 1 Deputy Head Teacher, Year 1 teacher

MrsChapman                     SENCo., Year 5 teacher

Mrs Carr                              Prevent/ British values lead, Year 6 teacher

Mrs Kinsella                        R.E. lead, Year 5 teacher

Mr Geiregger                     I.C.T. lead, Year 6 teacher

Miss Edkins                        English lead, Assessment for Learning lead, Year 3 teacher

Miss Dawes                       Year 3 teacher, P.E. lead

Miss Neville                        Forest Schools & Maths lead, Year 2 teacher

Ms. Latham                        Geography lead, Year 4 teacher

Mrs  Davies                         P.S.H.E. lead, Year 1 teacher

Miss Beckett                        D.T. lead, EYFS teacher

Mrs Holford                         Well Being & Science lead, Year 2 teacher, Adult Mental Health First aider

Miss Taylor                          EYFS teacher

Mrs Hakes                            SEN support teacher (2 days)

Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Burns                              HLTA/Teaching cover/P.P.A cover, Art lead

Mrs Garratt                            Teaching Assistant/  HLTA

Ms Dunne                              Teaching Assistant/P.P.A. cover

Mrs Boston                           Teaching Assistant

Mrs Woodward                     Teaching Assistant / SEN support

Mrs Cook                               Teaching Assistant / library lead

Mrs Harrison                         Teaching Assistant/ SEN support

Mrs Page                              Teaching Assistant/ SEN support/Ass't  SENCo./Pupil Memtal Health Lead First Aider.

Mrs Baxter                            Teaching Assistant

Mrs Geary                              Teaching Assistant / SEN support

Mrs Williams                        Teaching Assistant / Year 2 P.P.A. cover

Miss Beecham                     Teaching Assistant / SEN support

Mrs Foster                            Teaching Assistant / SEN support

Mrs Monckton                      HLTA/SEN support/ Teaching Assistant

Mrs Goddard                        Teaching Assistant / SEN support

Mrs Lewis                              Teaching Assistant/ HLTA cover

Miss Magee                           EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly                                 SEN support Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs Evans                              School Bursar

Mrs Hancox                           School Secretary

Premises Staff

Mr Donnelly                            Site Technician

Mr Taylor                                Janitor

Dining Supervisory Team

Mrs Derbyshire                     Senior Dinner Supervisor (K.S. 1)

Mrs Goddard                         Senior Dinner Supervisor (K.S. 2)

Mrs Bennett                           Dining Supervisor

Mrs Brown                              Dining Supervisor

Mrs Walls                                Dining Supervisor

Mrs Lees                                 Dining Supervisor

Mrs Howland                          Dining Supervisor

Mrs Meredith                           Dining Supervisor

Mrs Smith                                 Dining Supervisor

Mrs Hyde                                  Dining Supervisor

Mrs Bareham                           Dining Supervisor

Currently catering and cleaning is undertaken by Chartwells Services