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All the children in Tower View will be fluent in the fundamentals of Maths and possess relevant reasoning and problem solving skills that can be applied to a wide range of problems. A child’s starting point or prior attainment does not limit their ability to succeed in Maths and become a mathematical thinker, who enjoys challenges and problem solving. By the end of KS2, children will be equipped with the resilience and ability to use previous knowledge to solve new mathematical problems. Our curriculum covers core knowledge of number (including the four operations), measurement, geometry, statistics, ratio and proportion and algebra.


Maths is taught daily from EYFS to Year 6 and is planned for based on the assessed prior knowledge of each child. Teachers' plans follow our sequencing of the National Curriculum through our Progression Maps and our Curriculum Framework, adapting their planning to meet the needs of the children. Teachers use a wide range of resources, including White Rose materials to support the planning of Maths, to ensure that lessons are engaging, differentiated and challenging. Times Tables Rock Stars is used to increase times tables fluency in an engaging way, especially supporting children ahead of the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. 

Maths lessons are planned to ensure that children develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills and children practise these skills throughout a week, regardless of their starting points.  Each fortnight, children in Key Stage 1 and 2 have 5 fluency sessions to ensure that basic skills are remembered once taught and 9 lessons based on the White Rose scheme of work and small steps planning that combine fluency with reasoning and problem-solving in every lesson.  Teacher’s assessment is supported by termly testing using the NTS tests. This allows teachers to accurately assess the impact of their teaching in order to be able to plan next steps. 


The intended impact of our Maths curriculum is that children will develop a love of maths and confidently say that they are a Mathematician. We aim for all children to be able to recall fluently vital knowledge and apply this to new situations. Children will have the relevant problem solving and reasoning skills to solve challenging and complex problems and the resilience and determination to tackle them. The progression through our curriculum means that children are able to recognise relationships and patterns in mathematics and make connections. All children from Tower View will be able to meet their next stage of life with the relevant mathematical confidence and understanding to support their life decisions.