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In Key Stage 1, the History curriculum introduces the essential skills for historical understanding, enquiry and interpretation. Children will be introduced to key concepts that include chronology and using sources to seek and compare information about events in the past, including exposure to artefacts and stories. These build on the experiences and skills developed in EYFS.  Children will have many opportunities to develop their knowledge of historical vocabulary by exploring, discussing, drawing and writing about significant local and global historic events. 

These fundamental skills are developed further in Key Stage 2, with children being challenged to be critical thinkers who can compare and evaluate a broader spectrum of historical sources. Children will understand that some sources can contradict each other, and they will possess the knowledge to enable them to explain and question change, cause, similarity, difference and significance.  


The History curriculum is delivered based on the fundamental learning requirements set out in the National Curriculum.  Teachers make use of a clear Progression Map to ensure that skills and knowledge are built upon in each History unit. The History curriculum is broad and balanced, with key historical skills, concepts and knowledge being taught regularly based on a variety of exciting and relevant topics within each year group. Many of the topics taught throughout the school have cross-curricular.


The History curriculum provides children with a breadth of knowledge of important events throughout ancient, modern, local and global history. It encourages children to think critically about significant historical events, including key figures involved and their causes, as well as the impact they have had on modern life as we know it. Possessing a comprehensive understanding of such events and concepts teaches children to be tolerant, understanding and accept people from different countries and backgrounds. Through their experience of the History curriculum, children will confidently understand a vast range of the important elements of history which have formed the foundations of the lives they lead today.