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Children at Tower view gain an understanding of their place in the world through our Geography curriculum. They also build an understanding of how where they live is similar to and different from where other people live. Children learn about the impact that humans have on the environment, both historically and in the future. They will begin to recognise we are all part of the human family, and build a sense of collective responsibility for maintaining the world we live in.


Teachers of all year groups have access to the  Whole School Overview for the Geography curriculum. The updated overview reflects the curriculum content that needs to be covered based on the National Curriculum.  The Geography curriculum is broad and balanced, with key skills, concepts and knowledge being taught regularly based on a variety of exciting and relevant topics within each year group. 


The Geography curriculum allows children to make comparisons between different cultures and the world we live in, not only its geographical makeup but also its cultural makeup. It allows for children to research different countries and have a concrete understanding of physical and human geography. Furthermore, it encourages children to discuss the world we live in and environmental issues, their impact and what can be done to help. It broadens children’s understanding of the world and other cultures as well as encouraging acceptance of other cultures. Through the teaching of Geography, children also begin to develop map skills which allows them to develop key life skills. Children also use debating skills and learn to understand how to use sources as evidence, such as photographs and their effectiveness, further developing their reasoning skills.