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Our MFL curriculum provides children with the confidence to speak aloud in French with a good accent and with correct pronunciation. Children learn to understand and respond to increasingly complex spoken and written language as they move up through KS2. They begin to have an understanding of the structure of the French language and how this relates to other languages they know, which in turn supports their understanding of the English language and its grammar. Children develop their communication skills both in written and spoken form and will improve their background knowledge of everyday life and culture in France. Through studying MFL at Tower View, children become properly equipped to take advantage of the more in depth study of languages at KS3.


Every year group in KS2 receives a 30 minute French lesson each week delivered by the class teachers. Children work through six language units a year. Class teachers have access to the MFL Whole School Overview along with access to the Rigolo scheme of work and its resources to support the teaching of French.  All the relevant objectives from the National Curriculum are covered.  


Learning MFL at Tower View equips the children with many transferable skills and provides an opening to other cultures. Learning a second language boosts problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills. The addition of learning a new vocabulary helps to improve memory, concentration and the ability to multitask. Communication is an integral part of all lessons and therefore learning French at Tower View, requires children to develop their communication skills and their confidence at speaking in front of others. Furthermore, learning another language can also deepen children’s understanding of the English language and its grammar.