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Tower View Primary School

Tower View Primary School

Dance Assembly Extravaganza

The school held the end of term dance celebration assembly for everyone to perform and enjoy.  The assembly lasted around 1 1/2 hours and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  Every child put in 100% and Mrs Barraclough (Vice Chair of Governors) stated that "it shows that dance is embedded across the school and the older children were excellent."  The confidence, independence and teamwork encouraged through dance is a vital part of the school's overall curriculum and it highlights how the children are maturing well in all areas and are Risk Takers.  The dances were enjoyable, stunning, funny and tear-jerking and much more, well done to both pupils and staff.

Here is the list of the music danced to....

Bang a Rang

Cake by the Ocean

Everybody wants to be a cat

Mary Poppins

Fresh Prince of Belair

New Shoes

Lion King

I just got paid

Last Christmas


Jingle Babes