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Tower View Primary School

Tower View Primary School

School Parental Survey completed.

The school issued a parental survey based on the Ofsted guidelines on October 4th 2018.  This included 21 questions about communication, pupils' attainment and achievement and general procedures around the school.  We received a great response and the finding are listed in the article.

The survey was sent to all parents of children in the school and was both available in paper and on-line copies.  The response we had to the survey was excellent.


We had 109 copies returned to us; covering 261 pupils (69%).

Several copies were also accompanied by specific comments which we have tried to act upon or will be doing so in due course.  The full analysis of the survey can be found in the associated attachment.

However the general results were very pleasing and show that the vast majority of parents are indeed happy with how the school is proceeding.  These are some of the positive outcomes:

94% of children like school

95% feel safe in school

95% of responses thought teaching was good in the school

only 4% of responses felt most children did not behave in school.

only 5% of responses felt their children had been bullied at school.

91% of parents felt their children were making good progress in school.

These are some areas we will be seeking to improve:

a. As only 78% of parents felt that we tried to get the views of parents we feel we need to re-think how we can do this better.

b. As only 68% of parents felt the website was useful, as opposed to 98% the newsletter we again need to re-think why this might be.

c. We will re-look at our current homework policy as 80% of parents agreed homework was appropriate, but this figure is significantly less than other outcomes.

I'd like to thank everyone for their responses and encourage people to help us improve our ways of communicating.