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Tower View Primary School

Tower View Primary School

Tower View achieves national silver science award.

On the 31st May 2018 the school achieved the silver award for science teaching and learning.  This was a great boost to the school and a just reward for all the work it has done to raise the profile of science across the school.  The development has been led by the school's science lead Ms. Latham and the comments made by the assessors show the hard work and progress made.  A typical comment was " Science is clearly valued across the school...your allotments are a great example of relating learning to real life."

Following the school's bronze award two years ago we have now been awarded the P.S.Q.M. silver award for science education.  The progression clearly highlighted an improved level of science learning across the school and a determination to extend learning to real life.  The assessors were impressed with the amount of science taught and how it is a very practical curriculum.  They have advised us that the next steps are to improve our ongoing assessment methods and to ensure this impacts on the learning and pupil progress.

Overall the assessment team stated "It has been great to see how science has improved over the last few years." and "The children in the school are clearly enjoying science experiences and particularly keen on outdoor learning."

Well done to everyone for their hard work and especially Ms. Latham for her strong lead in this area.