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Tower View Primary School

Tower View Primary School

Farm food Revolution at Towerview

Towerview Primary School are working in collaboration with Packington Free Range to offer fresh food at reduced cost to parents so as to encourage families to eat local produce and understand where food comes from and how to cook using fresh food.

The Fresh Food revolution is a schem for parents who would like to feed their families with quality food and have this at a reduced cost.  It will encourage everyone to appreciate food more, be more adventurous and learn to love cooking and planning delicious and nutricious meals.  The bags of food will be available to registered parents every Friday and although free they are worth probably around £15.  The food is locally sourced and based in Staffordshire so there will be direct links to the community.

Further information can be found below  via:


or via the link on this website.

A registration form is required to access the bags and be able to get them.  These can be printed directly for the links or via the main school office.

The first delivery is 18th January and you need to be registered by 12th January, others dates will be advertised.