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Tower View Primary School

Tower View Primary School

Year 5 visit Burton Fire Station.

All of year five from Towerview visited the Fire Station for a Safety Day and wow what a day!

On Wednesday 27th September all of year 5 went to the local fire station for a Safety Day.  Altough the walk was a long one, nearly 3 miles!  Kristian said " The walk was so long that their legs ached and when they got there they were staggered by the image they saw."  It was a long walk but mostly down hill and across the River Trent...and it didn't rain.

On arrival the groups were split up and sent to different activities.  Ashley's groups started at the Argos Lorry site and he told us "If the driver can't see you then you are in a blind spot and when Evangelos walked across the front of the lorry he was 5 metres away before he could be seen."  This was a good lesson to learn to keep safe around lorries.  As for Anya she went to the RNLI site first and she says "We learned about beach safety and what each flag means so that we can keep safe."

After the 3 hour visit we walked to the park close by the library and ate our dinner.  Anya adds "After we were all finished we had a play in the park and it was lots of fun!"

Obviously there was a 3 mile walk back to school and unfortunately it was uphill!  however as Kritian said "What a day it was!" and as Ashley reminds us " if someone is suffocating then you have to try and save them."

A good trip with 57 brilliantly behaved pupils all informed and tired.

Thanks to Kristian, Ashley and Anya for their support with this report.