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Please be aware that from 9th June 2017 the school's telephone number will be changing from 01283239123 to 01283247455.  The fax number will be changing from 01283239127 to 01283247460.


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  • 16/10/18

    School Parental Survey completed.

    The school issued a parental survey based on the Ofsted guidelines on October 4th 2018.  This included 21 questions about communication, pupils' attainment and achievement and general procedures around the school.  We received a great response and the finding are listed in the article...
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  • 06/08/18

    Key Stage 2 initial SATs results are very pleasing!

    As you can see from the image our year 6 pupils have held their final tower View Assembly and left for their new schools.  Andrew and Scarlett accepted the Tower View Trophy for Tutbury in their achievement for the most points accumulated over the year.  The year 6 leave us with a great se...
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  • 20/07/18

    Mrs Metcalfe retires early.

    Mrs Metcalfe has decided to retire from tower View Primary School after 14 years at the school and 32 years in teaching.  She has been a dedicated and well-loved member of the teaching staff for all of that time and will be a sad loss to the school.  Children made many cards and gave gifts...
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  • 19/07/18

    Year 6 Leavers' Event is a great success!

    Parents, grandparents, friends and siblings gathered in the hall for the year 6 Leavers' Event on Thursday 19th July.  There was singing, dancing, eating and poetry reading alongside several awards being given out to pupils who had shown exceptional attitude or skills.  The Harrison Tr...
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  • 16/07/18

    Dance performance was a great success.

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  • 13/07/18

    Summer concert goes down very well.

    Despite having to postpone the concert for a day, because of the football, there were a lot of parents and friends who attended the school's summer concert.  With steel pans, flutes, saxophones, bucket drums, clarinets, violins, a wind band and singing all being part of the show the audienc...
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  • 05/07/18

    Sports Day Triumph for the reds!

    It was a glorious day for key stage one and key stage 2 Sports' Day and we were very grateful for the lending of gazebos to the school to provide some necessary shade for everyone. We had a great turn out and Tutbury won the Key Stage 2 cup, whilst Warwick were the winners in Key Stage 1...
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  • 28/06/18

    Evening Musical Concert great success

    On Tuesday 26th June the school held an outside concert for some of its musicians and the Burton concert Band.  It was well attended and will become an annual event.
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  • 22/06/18

    Wind Band plays at Town Hall

    Tower View Primary School Wind Band played at Burton Town Hall on Monday 18th June as part of the K.2M. concert.  This was their first ever public performance and was well received by all who attended.
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  • 11/06/18

    Poetry Assembly Summer 2018

    The school held its second Poetry appreciation assembly whereby children of all ages perform a class poem.  This term we were very fortunate to have Emily Galvin (Staffordshire Poet Laureate) visit and join in the assembly.
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  • 05/06/18

    Tower View achieves national silver science award.

    On the 31st May 2018 the school achieved the silver award for science teaching and learning.  This was a great boost to the school and a just reward for all the work it has done to raise the profile of science across the school.  The development has been led by the school's science lea...
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  • 04/05/18

    Tower View May Day celebrations

    On Friday 4th May 2018 Tower View held its annual May Day celebrations with a May day dance and then the parade.
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